The Evolution and Birth of PACOS
During a trip to a restaurant for dinner, Jack Osborne, a Principal of S2S Design, was handed a pager as no tables were available. As he took the pager, he realized that it felt sticky, like peanut butter and jelly had been left on the pager. He then went to the restroom to wash up. As he was washing his hands, another customer came into the washroom and placed their pager on top of the urinal and left the bathroom without washing his hands.

The principals of S2S Design have over 75 years combined experience in the design and marketing of medical products and understand dirt and bacteria. After discussing the situation, S2S Design knew that there had to be a better way.

S2S Design arranged for a number of restaurant pagers to be tested by an independent clinical laboratory to determine whether any of the pagers had bacteria. Bacteria identified included Staphylococcus species, Micrococcus species, and Arthrobacter species.

S2S Design, with the test results in hand, discussed the problem and designed a patent pending disposable, single use cover that could work with any type of customer call pagers presently used in restaurants or other locations (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Church Nurseries, Retail stores).

The Need for PACOS
We expect restaurants to offer a safe clean environment for their customers and they do...Food Hygiene tops the list of priorities. However, restaurants can not control the hygiene habits of their customers. No customer would visit a restaurant if they were told to wash their hands before being allowed into the restaurant.

PACOS eliminates the question of customer cleanliness.

PACOS allows the restaurant to protect their customers and employees by providing each customer with a clean pager cover. In this era of “super bacteria” it is nice to know that pagers will not be a source of these “super bacteria”.

PACOS: Easy to Use
On those occasions when the restaurant has no available tables, the Host/Hostess provides you with a pager that will notify you when a table is available. Before handing you the pager, the pager is covered by a new PACOS.
When the pager is activated, you simply go back to the Host/Hostess stand to return the pager and be escorted to your table.

PACOS: An Exceptional Promotional Tool
During the development of PACOS, The S2S team conceived the idea that PACOS is a portable mini-billboard. It provides restaurants with the perfect vehicle to promote themselves; either new menu items, special events, or discounts for repeat visits.
PACOS is an On-Premise Point of Purchase Advertising Tool that offers customer-focused messages “For Their Eyes Only” during captive waiting time! Unlike other advertising, the message can not be fast-forwarded or deleted. S2S Design is currently in discussions with Beverage and Financial Services Companies, who realize the value of presenting their message to captive customers.

Demand PACOS each and every time you receive a pager!

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